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The library ndbm is a collection of routines that manages data files that contain key/data pairs. The library provides storing, retrieval, and deletion of data by key, . The dbm library was a simple database engine, originally written by Ken Thompson and BDB: successor to ndbm by Sleepycat Software (now Oracle) created to get around the AT&T Unix copyright on BSD. Tokyo Cabinet and Kyoto. NDBM is an API for maintaining key/content pairs in a database. The implementation itself comes from a library provided with your operating system. See your  Initial setup - Creating a database - Adding more data.

Please note that the file formats created by and are incompatible. The module provides an interface to the GNU DBM library . The New Database Manager (NDBM) subroutines maintain key and content pairs in The NDBM library replaces the earlier Database Manager (DBM) library. The functions below implement the POSIX ' ndbm ' interface: the dptr member of the returned datum points to the memory managed by the compatibility library.

The dbm library provides access to NDBM databases under Unix. NDBM databases maintain key/data associations, where both the key and the data are. Virtually all Unix systems have some form of Old DBM and NDBM library installed . GDBM and DB can be installed on nearly all of them. Generally the disk files. ndbm, dbm_clearerr, dbm_close, dbm_delete, dbm_error, dbm_fetch, This package replaces the earlier dbm library, which managed only a single database .



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