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Winmm library

MCI commands return immediately. This means you immediately pause and close the mp3 hardly before playing started. Looking at the. 23 Oct Error Not a Valid Library File errorlevel 1. I know that I need this, but I cannot find it anywhere at all, so I figure I'm just doing. Visual Studio · MSDN Library. The topic you requested is . Header. Mmsystem.h (include Windows.h). Library. DLL. Unicode and ANSI.

What I mean: Why do I need it, when do I need it and for what reasons? I just compiled a sample project with the V8 libraries and it had linker. Visual Studio · MSDN Library. The topic you requested is included in another documentation set. For convenience, it's displayed below. Choose Switch to see . Visual Studio · MSDN Library Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows Server and Windows Vista (include Windows.h). Library. DLL.

LIBRARY: - DLL API MCI EXPORTS: number of functions which of number of names. Get a declaration, CloseDriver(). Get a declaration. 29 Jun Re: adding in your linker settings. Project->Settings menu, goto Link tab, put the lib name in the "object/library modules" edit field. 28 Mar Most standard Platform SDK libraries (including winmm) are included in MinGW with the.a extension. So you would use either #pragma.



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